• Quiet, Light Weight, Variable Engine speeds and up to 8 times
    quieter than conventional generators
  • Will power up to 15000 BTU RV rooftop AC unit  
  • Included 30 A RV Receptacle (TT-30R) for easy RV connection  
  • Maximum output 3300W, Rated Output - 3000W at 120V (60Hz)
    with 12V, 8 Amp DC charging (cord included)
  • Perfect and stable sinewave output at 120V good for all
    electronics devices
  • Save 40% gas over conventional generator, you can pay for this
    generator with the gas saving for about 1,500 hours of operation.
  • Noise Level from 53 to 58 dB at 23 feet, 4.5 to 16 hours run time,
    only 68 lbs
World's first true Digital Signal Processing Generator
Side View
Top View
Boliy Pro3600SI and Pro3600SIE Inverter Generator
Hot new 2012 (7th generation) model in red
color with all the improvements for better
reliability! The blue version is identical to the
red but distributed by another distributor. Some
people said that blue color is newer which is
not true.

To clarify the color issue, the original Boliy is in
white/yellow color. Because white/yellow is easy
to get dirty, we paid extra to change the color to
red and with the 30 AMP RV receptacle feature.
Another distributor in Central US later specified
the blue version for themselves. Therefore,
there are a total of three versions of different
color for Boliy now (only two in USA). Both new
red or blue are made recently and have no